Fallen Leaf is an exciting new independent games developer from Warsaw, Poland with a studio based in Liverpool’s renowned Baltic Triangle.

With decades of experience from some of the world’s top studios, Fallen Leaf is breaking new ground with its innovative technology and narrative based storytelling.

Fallen Leaf debuted in 2023 with „Fort Solis”, a sci-fi thriller written and directed by James Tinsdale, starring Roger Clark and Troy Baker.

Fort Solis represents the combined effort of our Warsaw and Liverpool teams over many years. We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed to the game, especially:

  • James Tinsdale, Game Director
  • Mark Cushley, Art Director
  • Simon Bratel, Technical Director
  • Mathew Lake, Lead Technical Animator
  • Rob Green, Senior Concept Artist
  • Max Barton, Producer
  • Matthew Tinsdale, Audio Designer, QA
  • Milena Skornik-Nogalska, Animator
  • Piotr Kurkowski, Game Designer
  • Dawid Biegun, Marketing Manager


Special thanks goes to Roger Clark, Troy Baker and Julia Clark for their brilliant acting.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank our partners from Black Drakkar Games.

Full game credits can be found here.

Ultra Mega Cats is a co-production game and a joint venture between three production comapnies – Fallen Leaf, Unseen Silence and Black Drakkar Games with Fallen Leaf also acting as game’s publisher.

Full game credits will be revealed once the games is launched later this year.

We can’t wait to be able to tell you more about Project Cataclysm… but we need to ask you for some more patience.